Nepal, I Love You

A Struck x Camp4 Collective Collaboration

Uinta Brewing

Beer in the least likely state. Utah. Check out Uinta's new site.

Jack in the Box

Bringing Jack into the digital age.


Design assistance for a "farm-to-table" fast food chain out of Destin, FL

Send It

A shiney new site for the best cancer fighting nonprofit out there.

Purple Orange

Production assistance for this PR companies new site. Peel the Orange.


ArtStreet Cafe

A student run cafe at the University of Dayton.


ArtStreet Cafe

A complete brand overhaul for an on campus cafe. ArtStreet Cafe is one of the most influential members of Flyer Enterprises, FE is the 5th largest student run business in the nation, and for the cafe's 10 year anniversary it was decided that their brand needed a refresh. A new logo followed, along with a new type palette and updated color scheme. Countless flyers, banners, digital advertisements, t-shirts and other collateral have been dispersed around campus, the cafe as a whole, ultimately seeing a 5% increase in sales since the end of last years sales quarter.


Just a personal project.


Digital Illustration

A personal illustration project. My original inspiration came from artists like Gaks Design and Patrick Seymour and having spent a fair amount of time as a fine artist, I simply took what I learned in past drawing classes and expanded on that, utilizing a tablet and the pen tool as opposed to charcoal and graphite.

Altered Book

A twist on Einstein's Theory of Relativity dubbed "The Theory of Creativity".


Altered Book

A conceptual book design centered around famous quotes from Albert Einstein. One of the most forward thinking individuals of our time, his way of thinking about life and education differs dramatically from the traditional view we still hold regarding the education of our youth. This "survival guide" provides Einstein's quotes, my own personal reflections and stock imagery in a succinctly titled publication-The General Theory of Creativity.